Unable to download XLS or CSV(Legacy) reports

Unable to download XLS Legacy Reports as of today.

Hi @AnirudhPrasadh,

Could you kindly mention the process that you followed so that we could try the same from our end. Would also appreciate if you could attach a screenshot of the error message that you are seeing. This would help us be more specific while trying to sort our your issue.

Hi Kal,

So ive been trying to download the data by going to Data>Downloads>Select XLS Legacy

Its stuck at ‘Pending = Click to Refresh’

Same steps for CSV Legacy as well. Attached screenshots for reference.

Hi @AnirudhPrasadh,

Could you let us know on which server (i.e. HHI or the OCHA) the issue exists?


This is the server that we are using.

Thanks @AnirudhPrasadh, the issue has been reported with the developers. Will let you know once it has been resolved!

Thank you!

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Hi @AnirudhPrasadh,

Glad to inform you that you should now be able to download the data in XLS (legacy) format. GOOD DAY!

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Thank you.

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