Unable to load child project to kobo collect


I want to do a longitudinal survey and I have created two forms(parent and child project) The only data that I want to be linked to the child project from the parent project is the patient unique ID-See highlighted attached xls(The unique ID auto generates in the first instance when administering the parent project, The unique ID should be the same in the subsequent child projects which is why I want it linked). I have managed to load the parent project but unable to load the child project because of the error attached(also).

Please assist so that I can be able to load the child project and the auto generated patient id to be linked up to the child project

midriftkoboxls1parentproject.xlsx (12.0 KB)
midriftkoboxls2childproject.xlsx (11.9 KB)

@paul_maleya, were you able to upload the form to the server? Did you check out our support article on the dynamic data attachment here:

The support article should be helpful for you to link the child form with the parent form.

Hello @Kal_Lam , Yes I have been able to check thae article it has been very useful I even used the article to guide me in some previous longitudinal survey. I have tried to use it to guide me in this particular one but it has not been fruitful. Please assist

Hello team, I have challenge in pulling an autogenerated ID from parent form to child form. What could be the problem?

Let us avoid, please, posting the same issue twice. See Unable to load child project to kobo collect.

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