Unable to login : Error 502 Bad Gateway on OCHA server

Dear Team,
Please help me since two hours, I got the error 502 Bad Gateway and not able to login, I am currently training users and we are in the phase for practical test.
Thank to fix issue at your end.

Welcome to the community, @schaha! We will reach back to you once we resolve the issue.

@Kal_Lam well noted

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facing same issue as well. Kindly assist

We will get back to you once we resolve the issue @arnold_njogu!

@schaha, @arnold_njogu please be informed that the OCHA server is back and is functioning normally.

I am getting the gateway error message while trying to login…is there an issue?

Welcome to the community, @jjackis_epa! The issue has been resolved and you should now be able to login to your user account smoothly.