Unable to preview in kobo

Hello All,
’This is my first time on Kobo and I am getting errors while previewing the cascade of the form, I am unable to understand how should I solve it, Please help. I’m doing them in XLS and I’ve found a number of tutorials, each of which have a different way of doing them. I’ve tried them all but nothing is functioning at all. have 4 different locations, some of the choice_filters in examples have only one filter and others have several. I’ve tried all different ways but still not functioning. Can anyone provide me with a clear functioning example I can look at?
Below is my form in xls.

The example in here under help is not helping at all, as the name on the survey tab is different from the list_name on the choices tab, which I have tried but not functioning…

Welcome to the community, @Ash! It’s always good to validate your xlsform through this online validator. This online validator should help you identify you the syntax errors that are present within your xlsform.

Yes, as said we do have a lot of simple workaround that has been discussed and shared in the community previously. You could have a look at them. It should help you better understand the concept of how a cascading select is designed through an xlsform.

A simple workaround (when you have a single layer):

A bit complex workaround (when you have multiple layers):

In addition you could also have a look at our support article Adding Cascading Select Questions.