Unable to reach Humanitarianresponse server(constant delay)

Hello everyone, for a long time we are having difficulties while opening the forms and even reaching the system itself on humanitarianresponse server with my team. And when we have access to the system there is mostly having delay so I wonder if we are the only ones experiencing this problem, please join me if others are also having smillar problem to keep this post on the top and let the admins solve it.

@anilgnydn, it seems fine to me at this point. But please feel free to update how it behaves at your end.

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@anilgnydn, it seems like there was a temporary glitch. It’s fine again at my end. Generally, when you get this, you could retry it again.

@Kal_Lam thank you for your support and I understand you, but is there a permenant solution for this problem ? we are constantly encountering these slowness in the system and having difficulties to open and use our forms. Please see attached files just screenshotted 2 min ago.

@anilgnydn, the KoboToolbox (humanitarian server) seems to be fine at my end. Many processes are running simultaneously to handle multiple submissions from around the world. Sometimes, a processor might be heavily loaded, but another processor will take up the load and balance it automatically. So this is how the system automatically balances the load. And it’s at this particular time the system may be slightly slow, but then it will be back to normal immediately.

However, if things keep being slow and eventually everything gets down, we intervene in the system to work it again normally.

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well received thank you @Kal_Lam

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