Unable to see shared project data


I am testing a form to fill and submit then trying to get prefilled in another same form but couldn’t get the filled data.

Read several posts to short out the issue but couldn’t.

Please help to short out my issues

@dantd, do you mean you are not able to see the shared project in your Collect android app?

Yes, i am unable to see shared data,

Have you followed this support article to configure your Collect android app? It should solve your issue.

@Kal_Lam thanks for your reply, already configured device as per instructions, and started data collection,

Form has been shared by parent user to another user both data collection form and repeat entry form. Is this OK or anything to be corrected.

I am unable to understand what is missing in process

Are you trying to configure the Dynamic Data Attachment?


and followed all instructions but something is missing, couldn’t found resolution

If you have not gone through, please feel free to go through the support article and the sample XLSForms attached with the article. It should help you solve your issue: