Unable to setup account

Dear kobo support community

I am trying to setup an account for a Swiss NGO.

Whenever I fill in the form to setup the account it gives me

Server Error (500) though.

When I refresh I get

  • A user with that username already exists.

When I try to login and choose password reset I get Email with password reset instructions has been sent. but I don’t get an email.

What should I do?

Thank you for your support


Welcome to the community, @cquirici! Kindly please be informed that if you try to create a user name that has already been booked by someone else you may see an error message shown as above. If you however try to create a user account that is unique and has not been booked by someone else so far, you should be able to create the same without any issue.

Besides, please let us know the server you are trying to create an account with.