Unable to view data under DATA>Table

Hello There! we are facing same problem. We have around 10.000 data entry in kc.humanitarian response. I can enter new survey, But i can not open dataview section. it gives 502 gateway error.

When i checked the kobo services, its written unlimited so can you help us please?

I use Kobotoolboc humanitarian server. I have 5 different deployed project in an account. I can not make data view in table in 2 of 5 forms. Is there any data collection limit ? I mean 10.000 entry is the maximum limit in Kobo? I check the kobo services and it says unlimitied and as far as i know there is no limit for humanatirian storage.

Could you answer me ASAP because my works came to a stopping point.


Could you kindly share with us the following information through a private message:

  • Username
  • Project name
  • Server

I sent private message but i dont know that you received ? Did i success to sent message? :slight_smile:

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Thank you i have received and will have a closer look at your case.

is there any improvement about the problem ?
Still i cant see the section “view data in table” and “data view” search button. :frowning:

We are still observing the issue. Will get back to you soon.

Just logged into your account and then could view the DATA>Table normally again. Would you mind viewing them at your end?

Thank you so muchh. It looks like solved.
Thank you again.!

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