Update: Become a Volunteer Translator

Since announcing our Volunteer Translator opportunity last week, we are proud to share that our platform has been translated 100% into Arabic and Turkish!

Thank you so much to all the translators who helped us reach our goal in record time. The work will continue as we assign reviewers and have future translation needs. In the meantime, pat yourselves on the back and know we are extremely grateful for your hard efforts.

For everyone else still interested in contributing, you can sign up as a translator for any of the languages listed in Transifex. We are looking for people to translate from English into their native language and ideally we will have at least 5-8 translators for each language.

Don’t see your language listed? You can request it in Transifex and most likely, we will accept it. Please note we do not accept languages tied to specific countries. For example, we will accept Arabic, but not Arabic (Jordan).

Steps for becoming a translator:

  • Register in Transifex: Transifex - Sign up
  • Request access to “KoBoToolbox” and select the language(s) you will be translating as a member of the KoBoToolbox translation team.
  • Start the translation!

Here you can find more information on our translation opportunity and how to get started in Transifex.

Please email translation@kobotoolbox.org with any questions. We look forward to reconnecting with everyone in the new year as well. Stay tuned for future updates!


Thanks for the info i will try to figure it out for more.

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