Update of kobocollect fork repository


I need to implement a new feature in the Kobocollect application: a +/- button for integer fields to improve form input. Below are the topics related to this update:

I noticed that the fork is behind by 1000 commits compared to the main version, so I decided to work directly on the fork. Would it be possible to submit a pull request on the fork repository, as this request comes from Kobocollect users and not from GetODK ?

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Welcome to the community, @ttclem_ra! Pinging @Xiphware on this!

@tinok do you want to comment here on future plans for KoboCollect maintenance?

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Hello and thank you for your interest in improving tools in the ODK ecosystem!

You should not work directly on the fork. The fork has been maintained in partnership with GetODK, Inc. and follows their releases of the upstream ODK Collect application, not every commit of their master branch.

At this time, we are not considering having the KoboCollect fork deviate from the feature set of ODK Collect. Please make your pull request upstream to https://github.com/getodk/collect/, being mindful of their procedures for suggesting new features. Once it is merged and included in a new release, it will also appear (after a modest delay) in the latest KoboCollect release.

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FYI this feature is already on the ODK roadmap and is being actively looked at: Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.

There is also an associated discussion thread about it here that you might want to check out: (+/-) button next to integer questions for easier input - Ideas - ODK Forum

As @jnm mentions, once it shows up in upstream ODK Collect it will appear in our KoboCollect fork shortly thereafter.