Updating a survey form using folder sync & google sheet

I know this questions has been asked many time before, but I am looking for any Ideas that might fit my scenario.
Basically, I am creating a monitoring form for the shelter activities.
the team is required to visist each house more than one time (in some cases up to 10 times). and they will fill the question in the form, the questions are about the completion percentage for (carpentary works, electricity works. swege … etc).
so I would like to display a hint about the precentage that was entered in the last visit to avoid any inconcestances
for example in the second visit the completion percentage for the electricity works was 30 per, so in the third visit a I would like to display a hint " the percentage in last visit was 30 per"

till now, I wa able to link my kobo DB to google Sheet using the code suggested in this thread.
and the Sheet will be updated using trigers every 1 hours, now I would like to pull the data from this sheet to complete my mission.

I red @stephanealoo suggestion about using folderSync app for Android in this thread


but I can’t use this app because I have 7 partners and each partner has about 15 employees will work using this form, and also the form folder on the mobile will also contain pictures (about 500 pics) so it is time consuming to sync the whole folder every time.

any experts’ thoughts on how to complete this ?
thanks so much

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Hi @Naeim
Your solution still lies in the fact that you need to sync this file directly to the media folder within the forms. I believe you can still do this using folder sync application and take advantage of the functionality that keeps the files in the folder intact except the file being changed which in this case would be the XLS (which needs to be in CSV format).


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thank you so much @stephanealoo for your quick reply.
I had no idea about such setting in FolderSync app.
I mean the setting to Sync only the targeted file
I will give it a try


Cool, I can follow up in the next few hours to see how it went on your end.

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