Upload datasheet to exisiting form


We have a very long form with above 1000 submissions where corrections on excel is way easier compared to directly on Kobo, so i was wondering if there is an easy way to upload these corrected submissions directly into KoBo? I have searched around the web and forums and found old threads suggesting that there are no ways to do so (unless python method), i wonder if this has been updated and there is a way now?


@archibald, you got that correct. Currently, it’s only possible through the python script as KoboToolbox has not developed a feature to address the same. But we do have a suggestion box for the same. Maybe you could VOTE for it to make it a reality:

Thank you for your reply.

Is there a 101 or an easy to use guide for python script?

@archibald, we don’t have a guide but we have a script for this: