Upload excel file with existing survey to the API

Hello everyone,

I’m currently working on a software project where we want to connect with the KoBo API.

In our software a user can create a new form with questions and choices. These choices are based on data that is in our database. Based on our data we would like to create a new project/form by using the API. We have succeeded to create a new (empty) survey or clone existing ones however they do not contain any (new) data because I do not know how to upload a .xlsx file to the API.

Does anyone know how to start a new project / survey by uploading a .xlsx file?

I saw that in the old version of the API it was possible, see on Kobo API V1

I hope that it all makes sense and you guys understand my problem and that someone is able to help me and our software project.

Kind regards,

Welcome to the community, @allgovmatters! This post discussed previously should help you solve your issue: