Uploading Submissions from Form A to Form B in Kobotoolbox

Hey there, Kobotoolbox admins and users!

I’ve run into a bit of a situation and was wondering if anyone could lend a hand. So, here’s the deal: I initially created form A to collect some data, and then later on, I created form B, which is about 90% similar to form A. Now, I’m interested in uploading the submissions I received on form A into form B. Is this even possible?

I did come across the guide on “Manually uploading submissions”, but it seems to be primarily focused on uploading data within the same form. Can I somehow convert my xlsx data file from form A into a JSON file and then use it to upload to form B? If this is doable, could someone guide me on the structure of the JSON file I’d need to create for this purpose?

Any help or insights would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance. :blush:

Welcome to the community, @aniam! You should be able to do it as outlined in this support article:

@aniam there is a solution to import data as JSON, you can find the tutorial below

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