Urgent- Sever slow down on the system

Dear KoBo support team,

We are having sever slow down now and we are unable to open the system.

Best Regards, Abd-Rabu


Same server slow down problem also we are facing from the morning.
I think admin didnt realize yet :slight_smile:

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system does not work server gives error

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Now slow down issue evolved to 502 Bad gateway or failed to load environment data.

Seems, now entire server is down.

Dear @admins, could you please look at this asap?


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Server is down, and when it works it is very slow.

Today was a day from hell. and we don’t find any support to understand what is happening.

I have nearly 150 staff working in data collection and everyone is panicking as a result of the slow down and the repeated error messages.

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Hi @aamra, @emreozkan90, @ahmetcelik, @mcaglidil and @eimanosman

Thanks for posting this. Our team is looking into this. I just tried using the server myself and haven’t experienced any delays or loading issues anymore. This was likely a temporary issue due to high server load by some large project owners. Note that the servers are automatically scaled up whenever there is an extreme demand so that more front-end servers are added as needed. This usually takes a few minutes to take effect. No data will be lost if one of your users fails to upload data in this period, it can just be resubmitted later. We will update this thread as soon as we know if there was something else going on.

Apologies for the inconvenience caused!

Have a great day!


Hi @aamra, @emreozkan90, @ahmetcelik, @mcaglidil and @eimanosman

Just picking up from @Kal_Lam coudl you please indicate if you are still experiencing server issues on your end? I also do not seem to see the issue currently.



Thanks for the reports and your patience. We have adjusted our auto-scaling configuration for humanitarianresponse.info to add extra capacity more quickly when load on the servers increases. The service should be stable as of 15:57 UTC.

If you’re still seeing issues, please include the exact text of the error message (or a screenshot) to help us troubleshoot effectively.


Many thanks for your followup. I hope that this will stop the problem from happening again in the future.

Have a nice day!

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