User not found when attempting to share permissions

I am trying to share my project with a colleague, but when I go to share – sharing permissions – add user, I get a pop up message saying “user not found” when I insert her username.
We are both registered under the OCHA server.
How can we fix this?
Thank you!

Welcome to the community @paolapileri! This post discussed in the past should help you solve your issue:

In case you don’t know yet: The forum also has a search function.
E.g. “user not found” …
Keep healthy.

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Hi, Yes I had read that post. But it does not solve the problem as both my colleague and I are indeed registered under the same server (OCHA), as I mentioned in the original post. Still, the system will not recognize my colleague username.
Any other solution?

OK in this case could you kindly share with me both your as well as your colleagues username (through a private message). Maybe i could validate and see if they both are from the OCHA server?

It looks like I cannot send a private message as I am a new user.

Screen Shot 2020-12-08 at 3.46.42 PM

You should now be able to send. But please refresh your page first.

Hi @paolapileri,

I can confirm that your user account is there in the OCHA server while your colleagues user name is not present in both the servers i.e. OCHA as well as HHI. So, this is the reason why you are not able to share your project with your colleague.