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I am surprised why this aspect is missing till date. I would love to see the user creation in Kobotoolbox. User will be registered in the same way project owner (currently this is the only option) is registered. With one email ID both user and project owner can be registered but definitely with different user names. A user can not create any form, so there will be no form tab (a user is not suppose to know the xlsform, report, project sharing etc). User will only see shared project in his account. User (based on the permissions given) can see, add, modify and delete strictly his own records. Additionally ‘pricing’ should (ideally) be applicable only on project owner and not the user. A user screen may look like the following -

Thank you, @yasirsaeeed, for coming up with this suggestion. :pray:

Thanks for the great suggestion, @yasirsaeeed! I agree that creating accounts for team members who ultimately need only very limited access should be easier. We are in the design stage for such a feature for larger teams / organizations. Your ideas are really useful therefore.

  1. Could you explain your specific use case and the profile of these team members?
  2. Why should they be unable to create their own forms?
  3. Why give access to the detailed table data but hide the automatic reports, gallery, or the interactive map?
  4. In the image you included “no meta data” in the callout. It seems like this would be certain questions in your form that should be hidden from the user. How would you expect to specify which questions are displayed and which questions are hidden from view?

Thanks a lot :smiling_face:

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Thanks @tinok, I am glad to have been noticed and your response is very encouraging. :slight_smile:

  1. So, basically the idea is to use KoboToobox for creating complete online MIS for a mid level organization with 10-20 staff members at head office and hundreds of field functionaries, in my case there are about ~1000 health workers who are supposed to visit and monitor ~11000 health facilities every month.
    These health worker have been trained on the “USE” of KoboToolbox mobile app and (to be able to edit the submitted form, if required) they have also been trained to login and access their own data and that is where I found it slightly “irrelevant” to ask them to register exactly same way I have created my account to design and setup this project. None of them is going to design their own data collection system, however we had to force them to register exactly the way project owner is registered…:frowning:
  2. As said earlier they are end user of my project, they are not creator. If some of them want to use KoboToolbox for their own project they can do it by creating another account (using the same email id) as project owner. Even while working as project owner I would need to create another account as user for myself to test the form and see how it will look to a user. So instead of one email one account it should allow one email two accounts (with different user names)
  3. I do not have a solid answer for this :slight_smile: in my case I have used Power BI, connected it with kobo and have created comprehensive dashboards for different users. Additionally I have created a landing page to connect everything together, this way I have replaced php and mysql with KoboToolbox. :wink:
  4. When I say meta data I mean everything which is not part of the data they entered, be it a calculated field, timestamp, submitted by, simserial etc. I know it would be difficult but field level permission would make it extremely useful.
    I am sorry for making it so lengthy, but I see KoboToolbox as a great option to create web and mobile based solutions without the knowledge of complex coding and database. Thanks

Thanks so much @yasirsaeeed, that’s really helpful.

To summarize, here is my understanding of what you’re proposing:

  1. A project owner/manager can create any number of limited accounts, linked to a particular project
  2. Each of these accounts should be able to add submissions AND to view and edit their own submissions
  3. They should NOT see any columns for fields that they didn’t enter originally (or that they can’t edit if they modify the submission again).

Nice to have:

  1. Hide specific pages/views in the main KoboToolbox UI for these limited accounts

How do you currently work around this? Do you currently give these users row-level permissions to be able to view and edit their own submissions?

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I’m looking for similar functionality, specifically 1., 2., and 3. My use case is similar but a bit of a smaller scale. For my use case, I have enumerators of different regions and want to have select one responses dependent on these regions and their username to limit responses. My hope would be that a superadmin could easily create a large number of new users and have abilities as raph describes here. Right now it looks like I would have to ask each new enumerator to create their own accounts, send me their username, and import that using a CSV.