User sharing bug /Malfunction

Hi, thank you for such an amazing project.

I have been deploying a project where user sharing is critical. this is my third time losing and entering a large shared users list to a project, and they keep disappearing. I even copied that list to another project in order to have a backup an it also disappeared.

`Is there a log where I can see if someone has erased the permissions intentionally.?

Thanks in advance

Welcome to the community @manumunoz! Maybe this post discussed previously should help you get your answer:

Hi @manumunoz
We may have noted this as an issue internally, where if you had accorded another user rights to add some users, any addition of users on their part would remove all the users you had added on your side (even if you are the owner). This is not the intended design and we are discussing it further internally as we try to solve the issue.

In the meantime, confirm if this is the case so that we live this query open as we await a solution.


Hi @stephanealoo, That may have been the case. Do you mean this could have happened if I edited the user rights of a single account of the list? I do not have any means to know but will try to reproduce and pay attention to that.

Could you lead me on reproducing the fail you mention?

Hi @manumunoz
The issue would be similar if you did the following:

  1. Gave user rights to the forms (any rights)
    2.If one user has the right to add users adds a user after you have added users in 1 above, all the users you had added in 1 would be removed from the project.


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Hi @manumunoz,

Please be informed that the sharing permissions now has the Manage project which should solve the issue you have outlined before.

For details, please see the announcement release note: