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We will be launching next year a campaign aimed at studying hunting practices in a southern American country. The initiative is centered around intermediary, who will collect data about hunting trips from their own local group of hunters on a weekly basis.

A form will be created for each hunting trip and will notably contain the pseudonyms of the hunters that participated.

Each intermediary will follow a different number of hunters for 2 years. The number may vary during the extent of the initiative.

To avoid errors when typing their pseudonyms, I’d like for the input to be a multi-choice question, but the answers provided should be user-dependent. Also, an intermediary should have the ability to add new pseudonyms to the list. Something like this could work to allow the intermediary to add a new hunter (User-Specified “Other” Responses for Multiple-Choice Questions — KoboToolbox documentation).

I’ve looked a bit around, but I couldn’t find anything about this. Is that achievable in Kobotoolbox ?

Thank you !

Welcome to the community, @Warks!

You should be able to achieve this as outlined in this post discussed previously:

And, you should be able to achieve this as outlined in the post discussed previously:

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Thanks for your answers.

I haven’t tried it yet. But, am I correct in assuming that this implies updating the form (on both sides) every now and then to manually add the new names to the list of available choices ?

If I’m right, would there be (any) solutions to avoid updating the form on the user side ? I would like to reduce frictions as much as possible…

Thank you again !

Hello, I’m bumping this back up. Is my assumption correct ?

I’m still looking for a way to fully automate this process