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Dears Kobotoolbox community members

we are a humanitarian organization. deploying project related to our food distribution process during Corona Epidemic. today 2 April 2019 our team collected 4600 surveys from our beneficiaries, meanwhile, we faced a problem that our users summary page didn’t update and stuck to specific number while sending data is working fine. summary of our status as follow:
Owner account: summary & table are working fine.
Accounts with view all submissions privilege: summary & table are working fine.
users who add submissions: summary & table is not working
Accounts to view some staff: summary & table is not working

we are using site.
accounts sharing the project more than 120 users.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Hi @aamra,

Welcome to the community! Seems like your issue is related with the sharing permissions. My guess is that you have only checked Add submissions button. Would you mind checking the View submissions button as well as shown in the image below:

It should solve your issue. If and incase, this does not work, un-check the buttons and then once again re-check them. Sometimes resetting should also solve the issue.

Kindly please let us know if the problem still persists!

Have a great day!

Many thanks Kal_Lam for your support. you can see hereunder how I set the share options. The issue that the summary and table was updating then stoped to update.

Hi @aamra,

The screenshot shows that you have followed the correct steps. Kindly please note that if and unless the user in your case e10211379 has not filled up any forms, s/he will not be able to see the submissions in the summary tab.

If and in case, the user is still not able to see despite the fact that s/he has filled up a form and submitted to the server, reset the sharing permissions (through your user account). Sometimes, resetting should also help solve the issue.

Have a great day!

Thanks for your reply.

I tried the suggested solution but unfortunately, it didn’t work, the users upload tens of cases and the summary and the table shown for them is zero.

I want to ask how can I contact the support team.

After exploring the forum I found on article I think its related to our problem. but I don’t understant how to apply the solution. Kal_Lam can you advice me how to apply it.


Hi @aamra,

Would you mind sharing me the following (in a private message) so that i could look over to your case more closely.

  • Your user name
  • Project name
  • Server you are using

Have a great day!

Private message:


Dear Kal_Lam

Today we faced big problems becaus the staff unable to know the their work.

waiting to hear from you.
Have a great day.

Hi @aamra,

Kindly please be informed that i have reported your issue to the developers. Will get back to you when resolved.

Have a great day!

Many thanks for you. Hope to hear from you soon.

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Hi @aamra,

Kindly please be informed that the issue you are having is due to the reason that you have not checked the Require authentication to see forms and submit data as outlined in the support article here.

Also please be informed that if you i.e. aamra check Require authentication to see forms and submit data and the enumerator i.e. e10211379 submits a form e10211379 should be able to see Graph related to this submission.

But at the same time, please be informed that e10211379 will have to use e10211379's login credentials to submit the data.

Since, this was not checked the data submitted by e10211379 has been stored anonymously. Hence it’s not possible to make the graphs visible from what e10211379 has submitted in the past. We apologize for this.

Have a great day!

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Thanks, A MILLION to you and the support team. we will tray the solution tomorrow. since every day we remove the data and start the new collection from scratch.