Using API to Excel (repeated groups)

Hello - my first time here.
I would like to use API to Excel to have real-time data available.
For each repeated groupe I get a separat sheet. On this sheets ther are no values in the colums of _id, _uudi and _submission_time.

In the main sheet all data is there.

When I download the XLS, I can see, that data is there.
What can I do?

Welcome to the community @Sam-g! Yes, you got it correct. This is because the data structure for a repeat group is a bit different then for a normal one.

Maybe you could use the _inded and the _parent_index to merge the data from the main sheet into the sheet that contains the repeat group data.

Also please be informed that this merging should be done manually as the system (KoBoToolbox) at the moment does not merge the data.

Thank you. I got that with the parent index.

Was useful.

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how can I import Data into google doc table? Ther is a formula =importxml(“url”;“Xpath”)
I think I can use the URL form: get data List -get json - choosing xml
but what is my xpath?
or is there an other way to do it?

Hi @Sam-g
I would recommend the discussions that happened here


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