Using calculator app without logging in

Hello everyone
Can my calculator app be used by the public without logging in?
Let’s say I have made a calculator app for my survey. I’ve completed my survey and do not need any more submissions but I wish to make the app available to the public. I’ve tried embedding the iframe in my wordpress website but it requires logging into kobotoolbox. Is there a way around this? Thanks for your help.

Could you outline in detail so that our dev team could have a look at it. Maybe this could be helpful for the entire community.

This is a modification of a clinical tool used to grade the seveirty of eczema. It can be used by patients and reserchers to assess the effectiveness of treatment. I would like to make it available online either embeded on my wordpress site or as an android app. The user just needs to note the score or print out the score without the need to submit any data. This Attached is the xls file. Severity_score.xlsx (7.4 KB) Thanks for your help.