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I want to adminster a survey using Kobo Toolbox online only - specifically it will be emailed to multiple (almost 1000) respondents whom will answer it using tablets, phones, or (most likely) web browsers on computers. I want each respondent to only answer once, but ideally I want them to be able to pause/stop the survey halfway and return to it later.


  1. Should I use “online only - Single Submission” or “online only - once per respondent”?

  2. Is there a way to track which respondents answer the survey? is this a matter of changing the metadata settings? in other survey tools, we have a list of respondent email addresses and the tool tells us if a particular respondent has responded. We then follow up with those non-responded to encourage them to answer the survey. Can I do this via KoboToolbox?


You could find the best option through our support article Collecting Data through Web Forms which has a detailed explanation.

Maybe this post discussed previously should help you solve your query:

Thanks so much for this quick response, I guess I don’t still understand the difference between “Online Only - Single Submission” and “Online Online - Once Per respondent” in my case. A “single submission” means that only 1 response for the whole survey can be submitted from everyone? Or once per link click?

And if it is the latter, how does this differ from the “once per respondent” option except that the “single submission” option sends the user to a URL? They seem to be basically the same…

As for the second part of my question, you essentially are saying to activate the metadata with the “Device ID” option. Is this correct? And to link these device IDs to particular respondents - I must add a question in the survey where I ask their email address/ID number known to us, and then link this Device ID created in Kobo with the email address they provided?


OK, the difference between an Online-Only (single submission) and Online-only (once per respondent) is as follows:

Basically, both these functions are meant to collect data for one particular time. With Online-only (once per respondent), a user can only submit the data once from that particular browser. If the user has more than one browser, the user should be able to send it once from all of his/her browser. With Online-Only (single submission), the user is able to submit the data once, but if he wishes to send it again, the user could send another form from that particular browser.

To activate the device id from your metadata, you could check the same from your Layout & Settings as shown in the image below:


Thank you for this clarification about the difference between online-only (single submission) and Online-only (once per respondent). Online only (once per respondent) seems to be the most appropriate then for me, as I want only one maximum response from each respondent.

Thank you also for letting me know how to activate Device ID metadata, clear now!

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