Using users answers to suggest next users answers

Hi KoBoToolbox Community. Im a ‘Researchers, Aid Workers & Everyone Else’ Kobotolbox User.

In order to have standard answers in the forms I share the next support requirment.

Is there a tool in the application to suggest the answers´ users to the next users in an Autofill TextBox?
I mean, User 1 answers question Q1. User 2 answers question Q1. User 3 answers question Q1. User 4 have the same answer as User 1 so when User 4 starts to write the first letters answer, the TextBox suggest User 1´s answer. And so on.

This set up has the advantage to standardize the Users´ answers to have an easist management of data. Also, it makes faster the answering of forms for users.

Best regards.

Hi @Archivo
Welcome to the community forum. The feature you are looking for is not possible as per the description of your specifications.


Thanks for your time

@Archivo, the system does not take into account the responses from the past 4/5 records but there is a feature that only takes the reference of the last response. Maybe you would like to have a look at the same (to see if it should solve your issue):