Validation criteria for gps

how do i set validation criteria to 5 or less so that data collectors does not collect any gps with accuracy more than 5

Welcome to the community, @yendor! You could do it as outlined in the post discussed previously:

Welcome @yendor,
Often the search function of this forum can help you, e.g.

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sir, I want the system to only accept gps accuracy 5 or less using validation criteriea as attached, but when you use the android phone to collect this data, it does not accept it.
please add column for “constraint” with . <=5 and see

@yendor, have you tried the shared workaround?

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yes i have tried but with that one, you can force capture gps with accuracy more than 5 by tapping Save Geopoint when collecting the data, and the system allows that, so want the system to restrict only gps <=5 so that data collectors does not force record gps more than this.
also i want validation message (gps accuracy must be 5 or less) to alert data collector to retake the gps