Validation criteria works in web form but doesn't work well in kobocollect app

Good morning community, my problem is that the logic that I use in the validation criteria works correctly in the web form but when using the same in the kobocollect app everything works wrong, I have tried changing the logic in one way or another but without progress …
Below I explain what is expected. I have three questions ${PorMisJur}, ${PorResJur}, ${PorExpJur}… among the 3 it must not exceed 100, my calculation question is added when it validates that the 3 fields contain data or are different from empty! = ‘’ . This works correctly in the web form but not in the app, I show an example if the first question ${PorMisJur} = 100, I go to the next question ${PorResJur} and give it a value of 0, the message automatically gives me error, this is wrong because first that you should not add anything until the 3 fields have data and second that 100 + 0 = 100 and it validates it as if it were not that result… I give you a fragment of how I have excel, a Example in the web version that works correctly and I will try to pass screenshots of the app so that they have all the possible references. thank you so much.
clarification, add a question ${test} of type note only to test the value it takes

Here is the same as in the web form but in the kobocollect app, as you can see it doesn’t let me go forward after placing the number 0 in the second field

I couldn’t even get to the third field because the validation criteria was already executed

Have you downloaded the updated form in Kobocollect app? Kobocollect app needs to download and refresh with the updated form after each event of deployment.

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@metodologia, maybe this post discussed previously should help you solve your issue:

And this post too …

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Yes, every time there is a new implementation, the new form is downloaded in kobocollect

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