Validation of text entered based on a list of names


I have build a form with choice_filter for geographical breakdown from level admin1 to level admin2 to level admin3. For level admin4, it would be a very very long still with choice_filter so I want to make it a text entry BUT with validation criteria to see if the text entered actually matches the list of admin4 possibilities. Basically to avoid data cleaning on level admin4.

Is that even possible ?

It is better to use the long predefined list. You might use pulldata or select_from_file option.

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I had the same problem.

In my case from a higher level of taxonomic categories (i.e fishes, reptiles, crustaceans, etc) select a species that belong to the selected category. In my case, when fish category is selected, the select list contains more than 3000 items.

So this is the help I got when I posted this question in the ODK forum. It solved my problem:
How to make it easier to select an item in a very long list of choices inside a select_one_external in a repeat in ODK collect - Support - ODK Forum (

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@MargauxSaillard, as advised by @wroos, its always good to use the external CSV files for cascading selects when you have a long list of choices. This post discussed previously should show you how it’s done: