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Hey guys,

I want my form to download in hang tags but something happened that made it download in Portuguese (Portuguese).
I want to know what I should do when that happens.

Welcome back to the community, @finercia_americo! Would you also mind checking if your survey form has this language fully translated and deployed?

Good afternoon,
I checked that the language has been changed but I can’t remove the language.

@finercia_americo, you could also download your form as XLSForm, make changes, upload it, and redeploy it. This should help you solve your issue.

I tried to download the form, make the changes through settings, deleting the Portuguese language but the error continued. I couldn’t solve

You will need to first download your form as XLSForm. Could you do this and let us know? We could then proceed.

I already downloaded the form in XLS form

@finercia_americo, great! You could now go through this support article Adding Another Language to your XLSForm to check the language settings are all correct.

This is the downloaded XLS FORM. I didn’t add any language but when I replace it, the Portuguese language remains.

Good afternoon,
I managed to solve the problem through the support article. Thanks.

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@finercia_americo, :clap: :heart: :partying_face: