Video Tutorials for KoboToolbox and KoboCollect

Hi Kobo users,
As part of a training I’ll be doing for my organization I have prepared a series of video tutorials for those how preffer to listen than to read.

In total, there are 22 videos that have a duration of 5-12 minutes each ( total playlist is 2h:20min)
I think that you have all basics to have a good understanding and usage of the tool by following them.

Link: Video Tutorial KoboToolbox in English

I hope you find them useful.
Please let me know if you find something missing/not well explained.



Hi Iker
Thank you for sharing the link to the tutorials and most importantly for the work done in getting the tutorials prepared… We can look into how to best utilize them and we will reach out to you on them.


Great! Let me know if you find any part of thenot very clear and I can edit them…
I am planning on getting some more videos added on advanced form creation in the future…maily a visual aid to a lot of the support page that I have read!