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Dear Kobo Team,
I have a challenge with the view icon. Whenever i click on it, brings a blank page. I really need your help urgently.
Attached is the XLS form of the tool where the view icon doesn’t work.
aRewCAVfRLMayXQ7gckTHx.xlsx (195.6 KB)

Welcome back to the community, @ebarigye! Could you also share a screenshot of the issue? Maybe that should help the community to understand and troubleshoot!

When you click wait. Img 2 shows what happens (blank page).
I need help on this ASAP

@ebarigye, maybe the first thing you will need to do is validate your XLSForm through this online validator to see if there are any syntax issues.

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Hi @ebarigye,

Your form has 2000 lines of question in Survey tab and 2877 lines in choices tab, so the server might not responding to it. Like @Kal_Lam explained:

Please be informed that the web server only allows each request to take 120 seconds.

in here:

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Thank you for the responses.
The tool has a number of questions in it because i preferred to administer 1 general tool to capture all the project elements.
SO what is the way forward.

@ebarigye, maybe you will need to break your survey project into more survey projects say 2, 3 …

You could then merge the project later on when the data collection is complete.