We would like to fill n populations with the same data of population1, and then only change those where there are actually differences


Any news regarding this feature? I haven’t been able to find in Kobo documentation whether it is possible to auto-fill bringing forward from prior record. @martijnr @Xiphware

We have a similar use case. In a form we first ask for the number of “populations” (which you can think of as subjects". Then we ask the same 5 questions for up to 100 different populations, but in most cases the information will be the same than in population1. Ideally we would like to fill n populations with the same data of population1, and then only change those where there are actually differences.

If the auto-fill feature is yet not available, can you think of any other way to fix this?

Cheers and thank you for your great work. We <3 Kobo.

You can attach previous records of the population in a csv file upload it to kobo as a media file and the load them onto kobo app using the pull data function…

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That wouldn’t work because this would be the first time records are collected for populations of many species, so we have no way to create the .csv file in a meaningful way.

Reading other topics seems that I could use calculate() as explained here to automatically fill the responses that involve select_one, but I haven’t been able to figure out if I could do the same to “copy” a text answer from question 1 pop1 into question1 pop2. Any thoughts?

Ohh…i get, could you share an XLSForm or part of the XLSForm that you want this function to be implemented. it would be easier to diagnose that way

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Many thanks. Please find attached our XLSForm. The questions where we want this to be implemented are Section 5 population questions, starting in row 47. Basically the population questions appear depending on the number of extant populations recorded previously. So if there are 3 populations then the questions up to pop 3 are shown. What we would love to see in this example, is that populations 2 and 3 could be autofilled based on the replies for population 1, because in most cases they would be the same.

Huge thanks on behalf of the conservation genetics community!

kobo_form34.xlsx (120.5 KB)

kobo_form34 (1).xlsx (121.4 KB)

hello, see the highlighted orange cells as a starter, hopefully this sorts out your issue.


OMG thanks so much! I haven’t deployed yet, but just by looking at it I think it would work. Many thanks. Adding you to our acknowledgments right now!


You may want to optimize some sections eg.(genus, species, subspecies_variety, scientific_authority) in a select or preload via csv… to avoid typing

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