Web form not updating after chnaging form and redeployment

Dear Kobo developers and users,
Thank you for this fantastic tool. I have used ODKAggregate before but the web-form functionality of Kobo is a step above.So am trying to create a form in online https://kf.kobotoolbox.org

  1. I have created two account AdminUser and FieldUser on the website.
  2. Created a form using AdminUser. In my Account settings,
  3. Enabled “Require authentication to see forms and submit data” using the legacy projects interface (not able to change this setting in modern interface)
  4. Assigned “Can submit to” rights to the FieldUser account
  5. Allowed for “Online-Offline (multiple submission)” of the form
  6. Shared the webform URL “https://ee.kobotoolbox.org/x/#XXXX” with my colleagues
  7. The colleagues open the URL on a Android Phone using Chrome browser
  8. They are asked to log in. They log in using FieldUser account
  9. they spot an spelling mistake. Inform me
  10. I correct the mistake. Redeploy the form. Ask my friend to check
  11. Friend checks using the same Android Phone using Chrome browser
  12. The error persists
  13. Page is refreshed in Android Chrome browser.
  14. The error still persists

How to ensure that my friend sees correct version of form on broswer?

Also is there any way to auto-push updated forms on KoboCollect application ?

Thanks for your help