Webform does not load

Hi. We are collecting some data with the webform (not through KoboCollect)
in Cuba (the context is important). Some part our team reports that the form does not load (they do not overpass the round circle, without any error or anything else). They are using Android phones. I really do not know what could happened here, since it works with the majority without troubles. This is the first part of my question: What could be the problem here and what could we do to solve it?
The second question is related to the fact that I though to use KoBoCollect, but there is a problem: the team need to have our KoboToolbox account data (to configure propertly the server and import the form), but in our case it seems like a security breach. So, there is a way to simply import the webform (say giving them its URL) without compromise the access to our kobotoolbox account?

Thanks in advance.

Could you privately send a link to the form and project to test out the webform behaviour

On the issue of using KoboCollect, you can create a data entry account and share the project with that account to only allow them permission to submit data. With that you don’t have to share your account details