What is the cause of High Memory Or CPU Usage

I have tried many times to edit my deployed form on the form builder, all to no avail, but i can edit it offline and after replace it.
The error i am getting is High Memory usage.
The dataset in the table is just 34 records, am using dynamic attachment


i have cleared my browser, cache, and reset it, it finally opens, but it takes so much time to open the form-builder?

@chiabotu Can you show a screenshot of the problem?

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@chiabotu, have you tried this with a normal project (that does not have the dynamic data attache feature) to see how it behaves?

@Kal_Lam ,This is with Dynamic attachments,It need more technical support, to load data from the parents projects of about 16 columns/questions, taken so much time, as i am typing still updating imported questions

At,all i mananged to delete the submiited entries from the parent and child projects.I can now be able to import data into the child projects.

For the the delay in editing my deployed form from the form builder,the challenge is still there. I guess it could be browser issues, the response ,i get is High CPU usage page not responsove, wait or exit.

Thank you .