What's the best way to reverse lat lang data collectd through forms and add the resulting addresses as an additional column to the database?

I am currently working on building a kobo form that records lat, long data. I want to reverse geocode the coordinates and store the addresses as an additional column in the database. Would the best way to achieve this be to run a script that uses the kobo API to retrieve the coordinates, reverse geocode, and then use the Kobo API again to add an address column to the database?

Welcome to the community, @mika! You should be able to do that by following this post discussed previously:

Thank you! Is there an example specifically for reverse geocoding?

@wroos just following up on this. Do you happen to know a specific example of reverse geocoding on kobotoolbox?

@mika with reverse geocoding you mean “translating” the GPS coordinates to addresses on the server?
In that case I think your initial post is one (or the) way to do it.
On the device directly I see that in Enketo you can search for an address to help you select a geopoint, but I don’t think you can take a geopoint and then save the address too in an extra column.

Also check this info