When downloading SPSS labels (no files included in download)

Hi Kal,

I’m facing the same problem as the one raised here SPSS labels -- no files included in download. SPSS file showed as an empty folder. For XLS data, its working fine.

Here are the project details

  • Username: xxxxxxx

  • Project name:

  1. Nigeria aquaculture value chain analysisProducer questionnaire (Mixed Methods) Version 4
  2. Nigeria aquaculture value chain analysisMarket actor questionnaire (farm input suppliers) Version 4
  3. Nigeria aquaculture value chain analysisMarket actor questionnaire Version 4
  • Server: Non-Humanitarian Server


@saadiah_ghazali, what do you get when downloading the SPSS label from the project?

Hi @Kal_Lam . I got an empty folder.

@saadiah_ghazali, could you kindly recheck it again? When I tried to download the same, I was successful. FYR:

@Kal_Lam , tried it but still resulting in an empty file.

@saadiah_ghazali, you may need to try it out in a different browser or PC to see how it behaves.

@Kal_Lam , I tried with two other PCs. Still didn’t work. However, the SPSS export for other projects in my account worked well. Just for this 3 unique projects.

Which OS are you using? I tried this out on Windows 11 through Chrome.

You surely know, the label download is a zip file, not a normal folder.

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@Kal_Lam , same like you. I’m using the Chrome from Windows 11

@wroos , yes I know that it is a zip file. Invalid error message showing because its trying to extract an empty folder.

Have you also installed SPSS on your PC? If not, you may not see the SPSS syntax file generated by the system.

Yes. I have SPSS version 25 installed in my PC. Strange that this issue only affects certain projects in my account. Could it be that there is a setting that allow/ disallow data to be exported to SPSS?

@saadiah_ghazali, maybe try downloading the zip in a different browser to see how it behaves?

Hint: SPSS syntax files, including the KoBo label export, can also be opened with a simple text editor like notepad.

Did you check this form version with the Online validator?
Which server are you using?
Do you get labels well with download Excel label download, in all used languages?