Where can I download Kobo Form Designer v1.0.19??

Hi Everyone,
I’m currently using Kobo-win 2012-08-10.exe which relates to v1.0.4. I already have that version. However, whenever I go to http://www.kobotoolbox.org/koboform/ , I see v1.0.19.
Are we permitted to download it? Link?


PS–> I’m getting editing problems when opening xml files that were created in Kobo Form Designer.
If I go to edit the a text question and save, no changes are reflected in the xml file when I open it in Notepad++, and subsequently in KoboCollect (latest version).


  1. I’ve cleared my browser’s cached web content in Firefox 16.0.2 (Tools–>Options–>Advanced–>Network)

  2. I’ve created a New Form in Kobo Designer. Then I immediately saved it to the browser and an xml file. Then I reopened it, and just edited some text in the questions. After a save, no changes is reflected in the file.

  3. Uninstalled an old version of JRE 1.6.30 AND JRE restarted PC and installed the latest JRE Still a problem with editing AFTER saving and reopening. Some changes are reflected, some are not. Very strange!!

Any ideas?? I’m hoping v1.0.19 will resolve this.