Why am i seeing this warning sign while designing a survey project?

c’est toujours le même le problème d’ Importation des questions en cascade

Hi @moussandiaye26,

Sorry could not understand …

Could you kindly explain it so that we are able to understand it clearly.

Have a great day!

en essayant d’importer les questionnaires xlsform sur kobo, j’ai comme reponse “question label required” comme indiqué dans l’image suivant

Hi @moussandiaye26,

You are seeing this warning as you have not typed the label before selecting select_one question type while designing your survey question.

For e.g.

Step 1: You clicked on +Add Question before typing a label in the blank field as shown in the image below:

Step 2: Then you clicked on Select One as shown in the image below:

Step 3: You should see this …

So the problem here is that you have not completed Step 1 properly as it should. Try completing Step 1 carefully and the problem should not occur.

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je vous explique étape par étape. je veux importer un questionnaire xlsform en cascade.
première étape

étape 2, j’ai selectionné et copié le xlsform a importer

étape 3: j’ai collé le xlsform sur la fenêtre de KOBO

étape 4: j’ai cliqué sur “terminer” et j’ai obtenu le résultat suivant

Hi @moussandiaye26,

Could you kindly ensure the data you are trying to cascade. I don’t see it as a cascading select questions/information.

Would you mind going through our support article Adding Cascading Select Questions to see the frame and contents of a cascading select question.

Hope that would help you better understand the scenario of cascading select questions.

Have a great day!

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