Why is the != function not working in my survey?

The survey I am creating has a lot of skip patterns and it would sometimes be easier to have a question show up unless certain answers like ‘Never happened’ or ‘I don’t know/Prefer not to say’ are selected, however when I try to use the != function and set it to the Question should match any of this criteria, the following questions still show up. Is there a way to fix that or do I just have to set the skips for all the = values?
Thanks so much!

@mstoeltje, could you also share the choices and constraints you wish to apply so that the community could help you solve them?

Yes so for instance, one question is:

Looking back when you were under 18 years of age, and engaged in this industry, how were you approached to make this happen?
1, Via the internet or social network.
2, In person on the street
3, In person in school
4. In person at a restaurant
5., Via flyer or offline advertisement
6. In your home
7. In some religious space
8. In some recreational space
9. No one came to me
10. other
99, Don’t know/Don’t want to answer

For this, we want the next question to show up if they choose anything other than 9 or 99. It would be easier to make the skip logic as follows:
This question will only be displayed if the following conditions apply
Looking back when you were under 18 years of age… != No one came to me OR Don’t know

rather than having to make a skip logic for showing if all the other answers are selected such as:
Looking back when you were under 18 years of age… = Via the internet or social network OR In person on the street OR etc…
Especially because some of our questions have a lot of answers.

However when I put the !=, the next question still shows up even if it shouldn’t. Right now I have just gone through and used only = in the skip logic but it makes programming much longer so I wanted to see if there was an easier way.
Thanks so much!

@mstoeltje, is this a select_one question type or is it a select_multiple question type?