XML error kobo ereader app when logging in

Yesterday I bought some new books and it didn’t appear in my ereader app, after severalntries I decided to delete the app and reinstall it
When logging in via my bol com app I get the following error:

This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below.


<error_description>Invalid access token: 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</error_description>

What can I do to get itnworking again

Welcome to community @jeanpaulthe,

I am afraid this is not the KoBo eReader forum :slight_smile: instead it is the KoBoToolbox community forum. For more details on KoBoToolbox, please visit the website here .

Best of luck with finding your answer,

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