2023 Türkiye-Syria Emergency Support: Drag-and-Drop Survey Creation

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Hi all,

Dozens of local and international organizations are using KoboToolbox to respond to the devastating earthquake that struck Türkiye (Turkey) and Syria on February 6, 2023. Our team is currently supporting organizations with training and helping with their survey design and analysis needs. If your team is on the ground and in need of urgent support with data collection (e.g., training, form building), please get in touch with us.

To help with data collection and speed up survey creation, we’ve developed sets of drag-and-drop survey questions specifically for this crisis. These question blocks can be used to collect location data in Türkiye and Syria by anyone designing any type of survey (e.g., needs assessment, health).

Anyone designing a survey for these areas can save up to an hour of manual form building by simply dragging and dropping these location-specific question blocks designed by the KoboToolbox team.

These sets of cascading select questions can be easily added to your survey to quickly determine the location of respondents (e.g., province, district, area) with a simple single choice dropdown. These administrative regions were taken directly from UN OCHA’s Common Operational Datasets. These question sets have been specifically designed to assist with this crisis to save humanitarian aid workers time and resources, so they do not have to manually input cascading select questions for these locations.

How to add the full administrative regions for Türkiye/Syria to your form in KoboToolbox

Available question blocks include all admin 1, 2, and 3 levels in Syria (348 areas) and all admin 1 and 2 levels in Türkiye (972 areas). We may release additional form blocks as necessary.

To access these question blocks and future form items:

  1. Sign in to your account at KoboToolbox or https://kobo.humanitarianresponse.info
  2. Open this public collection or search for “Türkiye/Syria: Earthquakes 2023 - administrative regions”
  3. Click Subscribe
  4. To add the question blocks:
  • To a form in Excel: Click on the three dots on the right and choose Download XLS, then copy paste the right columns into your XLSForm file.

  • In the online formbuilder:
    • Important: Make sure the form already uses English (en) as a form language, and ideally “Arabic (ar)” for the Syria data or “Turkish (tr)” for the Turkey data. Either language can be defined as the default.

  • In the formbuilder, click Add from Library, and then drag and drop the block into the form.

Please share this information with anyone in your network who may find it useful.

If you have any additional standardized form content that would be useful for others in the earthquake response, please post it in this thread. We can then also add it to our public library collection.


Dear @Hadeelt,
This will be very useful. This will help our development colleagues to identify and provide necessary support.
Thank you and to your team for this immense initiative.

Best regards,