Archive > Unarchive > Replace Form leads to error

Hi all,

Some time back an error replacing some forms was identified by some members of the community. It relates to trying to replace the form with a new excel file. These other 2 topics can be found here:

Error in replacing xlsform
Error Message about Deployment Data

As the user tosynwilliams has observed, this issue seems to happen when a form is archived and subsequently unarchived and we then try to replace the XLS. If we would create a project anew with the same XLS, everything would work fine.

My problem is that I need this flow to work (“archive > unarchive > replace XLS”) for my project, as there are parts of the year where I don’t want to have them available.

Any plans to have this solved Kobo team?

Thank you!

@luisrodx, did you mean you get an error message when you unarchive an archived project and then try to replace an XLSForm? Did I get you correct? If yes, could you also let us know the server you are using? Maybe we could also test the same at our end.

Hi @Kal_Lam , thanks!
It is the ‘Global KoboToolbox Server’.