Error in replacing xlsform

I am facing following error in trying to replace my xlsform. i have checked the form on ODK - XLSForm Online ( and no errors were found in
the form.


Please help resolve the issue.


@mohan_n, maybe share your XLSForm with the community. The community should help you identify syntax issues.

Hi @Kal_Lam ,

Please, I very much doubt this has to do with the form syntax since this started happening with different people around the same time.

I assure you that with me it happened with the re-upload of a form where the only change I made from the previous version was adding a constraint.

Please take into account that the same issue was opened in a different post:

Thank you.


New inputs:

  1. Maybe related, I can’t also change the name of these surveys.
  2. I was able to upload the surveys by creating a new project, but this is far from ideal

@mohan_n , any update on your side?


@mohan_n, could you try to see if the challenge still persists? I just tried from my end and I discovered that my form upload had been resolved.

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@tosynwilliams, :clap: :heart: :partying_face:

here’s the form.
Copy of Activity_Log_R28(1).xls (693.5 KB)

I tried to upload again today, but the error persists.

@mohan_n, could you also let us know the server you are using, please?

i had started with
but now it appears as Activity_Log_R27 | KoboToolbox

For me it worked today. I am using the global server

any diagnosis of the problem? I need to update my form as a priority.

@Kal_Lam Please respond with your observation.

The problem with replacing the form persists. I checked the form on the ODK - XLSForm Online ( webpage. Shows no error.
The error popup window is also illegible.

Can you please help.

@mohan_n, is this still happening? Are you on the EU server?

yes. i am on EU server.

If this doesnt get resolved, the only option I have is to abandon this project (i.e. archive it) and launch a clone.
However, I will proceed after I get a final update from kobotoolbox team on the possibility of resolving this issue.

@mohan_n, are you able to upload the same XLSForm as a new project instead of replacing the XLSForm to an existing form/project?

Yes. i am able to not only upload the same XLSForm as a new project but also able to deploy for data collection.

@mohan_n, do you wish to share your XLSForm with the community so that the community should also understand your issue and help you troubleshoot your issue?

shared above in this thread.