Being able to edit several records/delete several projects/archive several projects simultaneously

Hi There ! :slight_smile:

While dealing with several projects we were thinking about an interesting feature: being able to batch edit the responses to a form for multiple submissions in one go. For example for a systematic mistake, were you need to convert all answers “a” to “b” for a given form. This would now need to be done on a record by record basis or after exporting the data, which is a shame.
We are using KOBO Humanitarian response.
Similarly, it could be very useful to being able to batch-delete records. Maybe with a simple new button where you select several submissions and then click delete."
I try to do some cleaning on my KOBO account but realize that you can not delete several projets at the same time.

As example I would like to clean this one: (which have a lot of surveys).
But I need to do one by one, which is really a waste of time.

Also, for the “archive option” it will be very useful.

This option will permit users to have a KOBO home page clearer, and save a lot of time but also on ODK Collect to avoid to look after the survey we want among several others (if you do not have time to do it one by one).

Of course this increase the risk of delete a wrong project but this is the responsibility of the user.

I believe, I am not the only one thinking about it :

This feature can have a really simple aspect such as:

  • a new button “select projects”
  • When you click on it you a pop-up appears : " what do you want to do? delete or archive "
  • After you can select several projects
  • You click on “OK” which appears instead of the button “select projects”
  • The information pop-up appears : “ok this is going to delete data also” > OK / UNDO

Thanks to think about it!