Cannot see any graphs in kobotoolbox analyzer


question or bug?`

Steps to Reproduce

  1. …download data from kobo toolbox
  2. …open kobotoolbox analyzer and copy data survey and choices sheets to it.
  3. …replace list_name with list name on the config page, as choices sheet has a column list name but not list_name
    4 go to any sheet. select some variables

Expected behavior

see graphs

Actual behavior

graph is empty, labels show up in disaggregation, but no tallies are made at all
on value sheet one should see something. CHOICE sheet, UNIQUE sheet, value sheet should be working with the relevant questions. but no values appear.

Additional details

Yanalyzer 1.23

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Welcome to the community, @vincentfeltkamp! We have some good video tutorials that has been shared in our previous post. Have you gone through them? It should be very helpful to solve your issue:

Thanks. I had missed the step “convert numbers stored as text to number”. It works now.

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Glad to know that the link worked for you.

this should be in the manual tho. I checked both the French and English versions. No warning, except “the program does not analyse text”. When the columns are narrow, it is easy to miss the left-adjusted numbers. anyway, Thanks for the extremely quick response!

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