Can't find the account and data has been entered :(

I created 3 forms in an account. We don’t know what username / password I created them with. At least one of the entries is nowhere else! Can you please download the data at least in the first account and send it to me if you cannot tell me what email account the account of the forms is associated with?

Ficha de Tecnicos TMS (

Welcome to the community, @meghanbolden! If you still have login issues, please reach out (email) at with the email that you registered for the user account with the following information:

  • Username
  • Server (Global or EU)
  • Email ID (registered your KoBoToolbox user account)

You shall be assisted with resetting your KoBoToolbox account password.

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That is the whole problem! I don’t know what email or user name I used when I created that account. It has 3 forms in it with data now that we cannot access. I tried every email I could think of! Please let me know the email and username on that account to reset the password.

You can email me at


We want to apologize, @meghanbolden! We can only help you if you provide us with the details that have been requested above.

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