Can't get blank forms in Collect android app

I desperately need help with a form that I need for tomorrow!! The form is complete but shows an error upon downloading on the Kobo app. The questions are in bengali. I am not sure how to check this XLS file. We validated it but not able to identify the error

Welcome to the community, @shr11ckr! Maybe you will need to validate your XLSForm through this online validator to see if there are any syntax issues?

Hi. I did, but unable to locate the errors. Can you help? This my first time on the app

You will need to share a screenshot of the issue in the forum so that the community should be able to help you out.

Did you validate your XLSForm through the online validator first?

Earlier I had a grid format of questionnaire which the android did not take. So we edited it into simple multiple choice, integer and text questions. We put it on the validator and all the blocks showed up as red but we have no way of knowing what has gone wrong

The following language declarations do not contain valid machine-readable codes: Bengali (ben). Learn more:

This is what the validator says. But we have no choice but to have a translated questionnaire. We took bengali text from google translate and pasted it into the questions tabs

@shr11ckr, the community would appreciate it if you could share a screenshot of the error message highlighted by the online validator.

That should not be an issue. Could you press the Preview in browser to see if you are able to load the form in the browser?

I am able to preview the file. The output file is correct. But all fields are showing up in red

It would be helpful for us to see the screenshot too?

It’s OK till here. Could you also now share a screenshot of the screen when you try to collect your data as a web form that was deployed in KoboToolbox?

please see the phone screenshots shared earlier

OK seems like the issue is somewhere there? Maybe you will also need to share your XLSForm in the community so that someone from the community should be able to help you out.

aykHrHzNsEbPHggPGfJEvD (7).xlsx (18.7 KB)

Hope the xls file was received.