Cascading options xls form

Trying to import an xls form for cascading select questions and i get this error
Import Failed!
Name: Subnational.xlsx
KeyError: 'label'

Cant seem to figure out why

@Bertha, it’s always good to validate your xlsform with this online validator first to see if there are any syntax issues. The online validator should be able to help you identify the syntax issues from your xlsform.


Thanks so much.

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So, I have been able to upload, but i cannot edit from the GUI. Kindly advise
Error loading survey:

cascading choices can only reference one choice list

@Bertha, seems like you will first have to go through the support article Adding Cascading Select Questions to understand how a cascading select question can be designed. Once you are acquainted with the design, you could download your survey project that should hold the cascading select question and play around to learn how the cascades are coded.

Maybe you could also go through the workaround discussed previously: