Choice list doesn' appear after second iteration in Enketo


My form has a repeat group with some choices list in it. There is a list that has a filter depending on the choice of another one. The choices work fine the first time I choose them, but after this, when I chose the answer for the first list, the second one become read only.

@ricardopmarinho, does it work with KoBoCollect android app?

Yes, it works fine

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@ricardopmarinho, kindly please be informed that there are some slight differences between Enketo and Collect android app. And this feature is one of them. Maybe you could use the latter to solve your existing problem until Enketo supports the same.

Hello @ricardopmarinho and @Kal_Lam ,

I also had the same problem concerning choice lists. I tested the problem in a simple form and it looks like the filter works fine throught the repeat groups. However, if I put a relevant in the select_one that has a filter, this field can not be used anymore. I uploaded here two simple forms if you want to take a look. The Form_test_with_relevant.xlsx contains the relevant and has the problem I said, and the Form_test_without_relevant.xlsx works properly.

Form_test_with_relevant.xlsx (23.4 KB) Form_test_without_relevant.xlsx (23.3 KB)


Thank you for sharing these workaround, @ricardonfc! These should be very helpful to the entire community.

Hello @Kal_Lam

But wouldn’t this be a bug in Enketo? Because it looks like that the relevant is not working properly in this case.

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Thank you @ricardonfc, will have a closer look and merge it with the other Enketo bug post.


Thank you very much @Kal_Lam

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