Community Plan terms and conditions

Regarding the details of the community plan- it states “The Community Plan includes 5,000 survey submissions per month and 1GB of file storage.” Is this 5,000 survey submissions per project? Or across all projects? If across all projects, I assume it would be based on who the “owner” of the project is (i.e. the 5,000 cap would only be counted against the number of projects which I own verses the total number of projects for which I have access to).

Thanks in advance for the response.

Welcome to the community, @rwschweitzer! Please be informed that the system provides you with 5k submissions (per month) and 1GB of storage for a community plan. Here, the submission threshold is per month, while the storage threshold is per account.

Please also be informed that you will be able to use 5k submissions, not just for a single project. You can have multiple projects, but the count is calculated per account. If you share your project with an enumerator’s project, the submissions made by the enumerator’s account are also taken into account from your account’s count.

I hope I have made your query clear. Feel free to reach out to us at with queries related to any paid plans.